Welcome to Mutmaedchen.
My name is Sybille and I am very glad that you are here!

What does Mutmaedchen mean?
First, it´s a Nickname, that means a lot to me.
On the other hand, Mutmaedchen can be a person or a point of view.
It can describe a special attitude or a perception of the world and all its wonders.

Mutmaedchen can be everyone, regardless of gender.
Mutmaedchen will find, explore and walk their way in life.
They always keep their eye of a child, that observes with awe and wonder at all the things the world has to offer.

But Mutmaedchen is also a place of stories being told and stories being lived.

Stories that tell you about truths that lie deep beneath the surface.
Stories that tell you about old wisdom collected and retold.
Stories that tell you about new worlds of new people with all their adventures, journeys, and experiences.
Stories that we have encountered on our way, fulfilling our personal legend.

This can be experienced in different ways.
It can be read in books and texts, listened to in podcasts or experienced in workshops.
I sincerely trust in life itself and that everything it has to offer will help me and my development, even if it does not feel like it in the beginning.

The fire is inflamed, it already crackles pleasantly and gives warmth and light.
Come in, sit by my side and let yourself be enchanted.
Take what you need, leave behind what´s not touching you.


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© Mutmädchen ist eine eingetragene Marke

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